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Smart Bulb

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  • VOICE CONTROL & IFTTT – BroadLink Smart light bulb works with Alexa or Google Assistant (“BroadLink”skill). Just say to your Echo or Google Home/Nest speakers to control your smart lights. You can also use Siri on iPhone for voice control or use IFTTT for more potential home automations.

  • MULTICOLOR & DIMMABLE – With RGB color changing dimmable LED light bulbs, you can create your favorite light effects with 16 million colors, tune it from warm to cool white (2700-6500K) or dim the brightness (0-100%) for watching movie or before sleeping.

  • REMOTE CONTROL & SCHEDULES – Control smart bulbs individually or in groups from anywhere. Set up schedules to turn on/off wifi bulb with single timer, repeated timer, delay timer or random timer or at auto sunrise/sunset time. Use Away Lighting on Alexa to turn off all light bulbs when you leave home.

  • SCENES & ROUTINES – Color changing light bulbs allow you to create different scenes for reading, dinner, movie or sleeping to match your needs, or set up routines for automated controls such as when the door is opened, turn on lights, or when the media player is turned on, dim light bulb to 20%.

SIMPLE SETUP & USE – Set up BroadLink smart home devices using "NoAPP" technology without any apps, and just use Alexa or Google Home app to control your smart LED bulb. NOTE: Requires a secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.