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BroadLink NFC Tags, 5-Pack

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  • SMALL BUT INTELLIGENT – Blank round NFC tag cards 30mm (1.18 inch) with NXP NTAG215 chip, 504 bytes of available NDEF memory programmable and re-writable. Top build quality durable use with hard PVC material and waterproof.
  • AUTOMATE SMART HOME – Link NFC tags in BroadLink APP to automate devices and scenes by phone taps. No need to open APP or operate anything. (NFC enabled phone is required)
  • WORKS WITH IFTTT - Create virtual button in BroadLink APP and link it to IFTTT to trigger any devices from any brand supported by IFTTT.
  • USE ANYWHERE - Designed with adhesive side for easy sticking anywhere. Extra anti-interference material makes it also working on metal surface.
  • FREE STICKERS FOR SCENES - Comes with 40 pre-printed scene stickers and 14 colored blank stickers. Stick the icons on tags so you never forget the function of each one.