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BroadLink FastCon Smart Button Scene Switch

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  • 【Smart Home】BroadLink FastCon is the better smart home solution you can find, making your entire house smart in minutes. Combine hundreds of devices (lighting, power, remotes, switches, sensors, shades, cameras and door locks in paired mode) for an exceptional experience.BroadLink will evolve smart home into everyone use with real zero-setup, auto-networking and significant affordable cost.
  • 【Auto & One-step Setup】Download the new app – BroadLink FastCon, keep the Bluetooth on, press and hold the buttons of the switch for 4 seconds and wait for the device pop-up in the App. No need to create account. Fast and easy to use without privacy concerns. Supported by BroadLink exclusive technologies – BroadLink FastCon.
  • 【Quick Dimming & Color Change】This Scene Switch only works with LB4E26/27 Smart Bulb, make sure you already own or buy this model of bulb at the same time. Long press the Button 1/2 to dim or brighten lights, or long press the Button 3/4 to tune lights from cool to warm (FastCon bulb is needed).
  • 【Out-of-Box Preset Automation】Each button is associated with a preset scene in each room. Once added and assigned to a room, you can tap to activate the same scenes in the app for the room without any further settings.
  • 【Fully Wireless Installation 】With Bluetooth and replaceable CR2430 battery (up to 2 years), the device can be carried around home or attached to any surface.